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. and the partying is only getting started. president obama's biggest challenge in the next four years may be avoiding the second term curse. we'll look at the obstacles that could trip him up, plus an extra helping of history on the steps of the capital. justice sonia sotomayor, the first latino to deliver an inaugural oath. we'll show you the warm moment she shared with joe biden. this was yesterday. we've got an exciting four hours for you. coming up, former secret service agent dan bongino, four years ago he was head of security for president obama's first inauguration parade. representative debbie wasserman schultz at 6:00 a.m., corey booker at 7:00 a.m. along with senator john barrasso and bernice king will join us as well. we also have joaquin castro and also nick cannon. he's performing today for the inauguration. good morning to you. welcome to a special edition of "early start." it's 5:00 a.m. in the east. i'm zoraida sambolin. live here in washington, d.c. for the inauguration of president barack obama. some folks also gathering here. i will be joined by soledad o'brien and john
and the president's moment in the spotlight but when the ceremony is done, all the parties, mr. obama will still have to deal with the republican led house of representatives, divided government in washington. sharon peter king of new york, the congressman with the best last name in congress, is with us this evening. mr. chairman, it's good to see you. as a republican and a member of a republican caucus that has had its own internal nights in recent days, what can the president do? he's a democrat. you know the partisanship. what can he do to hit a reset button. >> the partisanship is there. from the president's perspective, i think he should not be, i don't know if arrogant is the right word. he won the election. he won it fair and square, to doubt about that, but i think there's been a tone of almost like an imperious tone the last few times. i'm not saying it will guarantee results if he's more outreach and republicans respond. i think he should try it. even independent voters have told me they thought the news conference last week was had too much arrogance and some of his tone. having said
, there are some obvious places where the party has hemorrhaged voters. most disturbing for a republican survivali survivalist. hispanic voters, the fastest growing segment of the u.s. population gave president obama 71% of their vote. the question is why. the party introspection has led to much toing a ining free thro >> we have got to stop being the superparty, we have got to stop looking backwards. >> a republican come back, wherever it may come from, newly aggressive president with a big agenda and a lot of political muscle. >> we're expecting here over the next 22 months, to be the focus of this administration. as they attempt to annihilate the republican party. and let me just tell you, i do belie believe. >> can republicans recover in time to defend their house majority in 2014? we'll look at the future of the grand old party, with governor bob mcconnell. wait for it... wait for it... [ dog ] you know, i just don't think i should have to wait for it! who do you think i am, quicken loans? ♪ at quicken loans, we won't make you wait for it. our efficient, online system allows us to get you t
of the u.s. population, gave president obama 71% of their vote. the question is why? the party intro speculation has led to much to-ing and fro-ing from outside washington republicans who think inside washington republicans are part of the problem. >> we got to stop being the stupid party. we have to stop insulting the intelligence of voters. >> a republican comeback, wherever it may come from, is made more difficult by a newly aggressive president with a big agenda. that's enough to keep the house speaker up at night. >> we're expecting here over the next 22 months to be the focus of this administration as they attempt to anigh light the republican party. let me tell you, i do think that is a way to shove us to history. >> can republicans recovery in time to defend house majority in 2014? we'll look at the future of the grand old party with governor bob mcdonnell. with mia love, carlos gutierrez and governor scott walker. to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if y
. the party for president obama's staff. it happened last night. gaga herself steering the spaceship piano. ♪ later on, she posed with the other headliner for the evening, tony bennett, who tweeted out, "i'm on a date with my lady tonight," lady gaga. >>> and next, we have two remarkable encounters between humans and animals, starting with a gesture of kindness. divers off the coast of the big island in hawaii, and you can see their lights there in the distance. well, they heard a squeal and then this appeared. a bottlenose dolphin, wrapped in fishing wire, struggling to swim because the wire was so tight. the dolphin nuzzles the diver as if to say, can you help? and he did. for eight minutes, hands shaking, he said, he cut the wire and freed the dolphin, who swam for air, briefly circling one last time in a kind of thank you, before vanishing into the ocean. >>> and, we have proof that we are not the only ones addicted to gadgets. watch this. the orangutans at the national zoo in washington, loving their ipads, skroming, draw iscrollin painting. they watch fish in a virtual koi pond. th
party top to bottom has to start taking barack obama seriously. he means to change america in fundamental ways and along the lines of justice as he sees it. the proper response to such a man is not that he's a muslim or a kenyan. those charges were meant to marginalize him, but they didn't hurt him. they damaged republicans. it will take guts and unity to fight him. can the gop just in washington now develop those things? i think it's a good charge to republicans. she's saying you've deluded yourself with these nonsensical charges of birtherism, and it's hurt you more than it's ever hurt him. >> i agree with you, peggy noonan is one of the smart ones. i don't agree with much of what she says, but i think she's a smart woman. the base isn't reading "the wall street journal" editorial page. they have been fed for 30, 40 years this sort of insanity and the belief that their views are absolutely right. that the idea of calling democrats marxists and socialists and being extreme on abortion, that's not just right, but fundamentally american. it's more american than the other sid
was not going to question the senate when the senate said that it was in continuous session. president obama was different, and he said that he, you know, could exercisers' as upon a party. it is a broader issue. naming recess appointments. lou: before we get too deep in these weeds, they really did was say that they're going to have to be in recess if you're going to do our recess appointment. they're of -- you have to end the session because otherwise it is absolute fraud if, fakery, and foolishness to believe otherwise. >> tell that to the clerk. lou: i tried from time to time. it's great to have you with us. thank you. up next, violence by entering out of control. dozens of demonstrators killed in clashes. judy miller, ambassador john bolton on thh future of the region. a bipartisan senate -- senate committee reached -- reaching a deal on immigration reform. or of the key architects of the proposal, senator mark arubia joins us here live after the break. ♪ ♪ lou: a bipartisan group of eight senators rolling out a comprehensive immigration reform proposal. one of the architects is sen
party. so you have seen, it's true, a republican party that has shifted to the right. barack obama has managed through issues like gun control and the right through organizations like the n.r.a. to paint them as out of step with the mainstream of america more successfully than the right has managed to depict the president as being out of step with the mainstream of america. chris: i want to ask you about the cover of a magazine, has the country moved more towards the gun control position or not because of the horror at newtown? >> i think they've moved some to that position. the n.r.a. still has a stranglehold, but the president can use the extremism of the n.r.a., who are acting like a bunch of crazies that's days to help sell the rest of his agenda. chris: this is too far out, and let's take a look at this right now. >> are the president's kid more important than yours? than why is he skeptical about putting armed security in our schools when his kids are protected by armed guards at their schools? chris: when you bring the kids of the president in, who are protected against kidnappi
not be up to the task. the cbs news political director said quote go for the throat. why obama must declare war about the republican party. >> especially that coming from a news otherzation. >> we are getting a lot of reaction coming in. folks are criticizing president obama for putting social issues before the economy. the economy some argue is not one of his priorities. >> if you look back in 2008 the median household income 52,546 dollars. three years into president obama's presidency the average for 2011 it dropped more than 2,000 dollars to 50,054. when you look at the numbers do you think the president should be more focused on the economy. john meachum is talking about it this morning. >> the most important g median household income over the last 12 years. without rectifiying that this will be an unmemorable presidency and potentially a significantly -- >> how is he going to do that in three years? how is he going to remedy that turn that around so the regular folks start to make more money? it seems to me almost impossible with these policies. >> i think we are all to blame here. a
gardenerred support from her party and president obama who last month said he wanted her to stay on. she was appointed to the postin 2011. >>> a new survey finds more americans are now open to allowing citizenship for some illegal immigrants. the associated press gfk poll found 52% of americans favor allowing a path way to citizenship for immigrants who are already in the country. in 2010 just 50% of people polled ed felt that way. 22% more republicans now back the path to citizenship compared to how many did back in 2010. >>> americas cup organizers are announcing a summer concert series that is soon to be built waterfront amphitheater. it'll be a temporary facility called the america's cup pavilion and will be on piers 27 and 29. the first headline act to be announced is sting set to perform on june 2nd. plans call for a wide range of events leading up to the america's cup in october. including concerts, family shows and race related events. it's not clear what will happen to the pavilion after that. >>> air quality officials are issuing a winter spare the air alert for tomorrow here
this party took place. >> as president and commander in chief -- >> reporter: it's where president obama recently announced new cabinet picks and held his last press conference, pushing back on criticism that he doesn't socialize enough with republicans. >> i like a good party. >> reporter: turns out, the president likes two good parties. tuesday, the obamas appeared before 10,000 staffers and volunteers at the staff ball where lady gaga and tony bennett were the featured performers. gaga thanked the president for supporting gay rights. ♪ dedicating a performance of "born this way" to obama captured on a cell phone by a partygoer. a finite but monday's bash set the bar. ashley judd who tweeted this picture of an off-duty secret service officer who gave her a ride called it an amazing joyful house party. at 3:00 in the morning, katy perry just left the white house proclaiming all other parties from here on out will be judged unless they take place at the white house. india benet tweeted that she saw bill clinton at the party, there without his wife, no surprise since she had a very big
getting re-elected in 2014. they are worried about being challenged in a party primary. that is obama's real problem. >>neil: i look add joe biden, and at his swearing in, he had top democratic officials and governors from iowa, from south carolina, from new hampshire, all key democratic states four years out. what was that about? >> we know it is about 2016. he is off and running. >>neil: with owe without hillary clinton? >> that is the question. will he challenge hillary clinton if she runs. he is preparing the way in case she doesn't at which point he may very well be the frontrunner, or, if she does run he has a decision to make, does he think he can overcome her substantial edge? look, four years is a long-term. who knows. >>neil: she was a little over four years ago the frontrunner who spike was crazy to challenge and he could figure, biden, what the heck. >> at his age, he is 70 now so he will will be almost 74 so this is his last chance. of course he is preparing to run if he can. >>neil: do you also, looking at this, and joining the obamas and larry sabato as they finish up t
's parties. barack and michelle obama celebrate a new chapter of american history after an unforgettable inauguration day. >> and the president seems to set a new tone as he faces tough challenges during his second term. it is tuesda it is tuesday, january 22. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. just like we're starting a new chapter in the nation's capital, we are ending a chapter i guess here on "world news now." for the last time, i get to introduce the woman to my left, paula faris on her final day with us here on the overnight. >> your left but everybody else's right. camera left, camera right. >> good morning, everybody. >> yes. a bittersweet day. and we'll get more into it later. >> we're going to have fun today. we have fun on farewell shows. this will be no exception. >> it's always fun, but for me, i've had such a good time. i'm not leaving abc, i'm not leaving the building. just going to be reassigned. but i've had such a good time. i truly do have mixed emotions about everything. >> it's greener pastures. the greener, more w
of a speech for a progressive party agenda. >> then there was congressman paul brown who offered this choice analysis. "i think the only constitution that barack obama upholds is the soviet constitution, not this one." joining the panel now is the editor of the new republic, a man who has suffered for several hours on the amtrak train, frank lynn for. >> privatize that sucker. >> seriously. >> blood-sucking libertarian. >> that is saying something, my friend. >> exactly. >>. >> we keep asking whether the republican party will come up with a new idea? the biggest idea is that president obama is trying to uphold the soviet -- which was adopted in 1977 and says, among other things, in article one, the union of soviet socialestist republics is the socialist state of the whole people, expressing the will of intdz of the workers, pheasants, and nationalities of this country. >> if we're most worried about getting sent to the goulage, check themselves in reality. i think there is something to their point which is that obama is not trying tore anile ate the republican party, but he is trying to brea
ten balls. >> now that the parties are over the work on president obama's second term begins. susan mcginnis with more on that. good morning. >> reporter: anne-marie, good morning. yes, item number one is the debt limit. we learned on monday that the house will vote tomorrow on raising the debt ceiling for a period of three months, and the republicans have made a big concession. they had their dance and took a moment to savor the scene. now it's time to get back to work. in his inaugural speech, the president called on both parties not to let politics get in the way of governing. >> we must act knowing that our work will be imperfect. we must act knowing that today's victories will be only partial. >> reporter: so republicans are offering a compromise on the debt ceiling. house gop members are backing off a requirement to cut $1 of spending for every dollar the debt ceiling has raised. it's a move the president has demanded. >> i do believe it is a recognition of political reality. i think we realize the president won the election. >> reporter: but republicans on
to their point which is that obama is not trying tore anile ate the republican party, but he is trying to break a fever. i mean, he is sick of dealing with guys that are obstruct and who he is unable to do business with, and he is trying to create a different set of circumstances where they come out of this next election with a different understanding of this political incentives? >> aren't they doing a fairly effective job of putting themselves in the dust bin of history when they have policies on everything from gay rights to voter id laws and those not in mathemati mathematics? >> is there a sense inside the republican party, in -- among leadership? you have to wonder that something measurable needs to change. i actually want to bring up this thomas edsal "new york times" piece which i thought was one of the best analyses i have read about whether republicans can change. he writes, "the problems that faces business leaders pressing for reform is not just the reluctance of a political party to change. instead, it is the fact that much of the republican electorate, as presently constructed is
party is advocating limiting national service. president obama campaigned to expand to 250,000. senator kennedy helped to pass the expansion. i was wondering what role "the nation" can play in helping to support the program. >> we've done a lot of work around expanding doctors into rural community centers. americorps is a good program. all of those should be supported. we have not done as much. there has been controversy at the magazine. i am more of a supporter of teach for america than my colleagues. they are good programs. >> what could we do collectively as the next up for occupy wall street? -- next step for occupy wall street? >> what is your main interest in the issues raised by occupy wall street? if it is money and politics, you should join with those who are occupying the supreme court, fighting in states for clean money reform, and fighting for an amendment strategy to overturn the citizens united decision, and fighting in elections to change the supreme court. >> what would you think of having a national general assembly modeled on the original continental congress in philad
performed, wrote just partied at the white house. i kid you not, michelle obama stood up and got the party started. seriously cool first lady. they had a good time. >> i'm jealous about that one. >>> check this out. remember all those boy bands? who didn't love them? new kids on the block, boyz ii men, 98 degrees, all going on tour. yes, they're all going on tour. the package tour is scheduled to kick off may 31st in connecticut. it's going to travel across the country, wrapping july 13th in minneapolis. remember boyz ii men? >> i'm not going to lie, i would go to a boyz ii men concert. >> we should go together. >> i had a very pivotal moment of my life when boyz ii men was on the tape deck. >> i'm not going to ask. >> i just have a happy memory i wanted to share with y'all from november of '94. don't ask. it was a lovely time. >>> also, arnold schwarzenegger back in the news, giving another interview to the media saying he's trying to save his marriage to maria shriver. >> maybe he should have thought about that when he was having an affair with his housekeeper. >> yeah, she was cleaning.
that president obama's focus is to annihilate the republican party. is that the collective viewpoint here in the republicans in the senate or not? >> greta, i've seen a number of presidents in their second terms, i've seen president reagan and president clinton in their second term and president bush, jr. in his second term and there's always an outreach starting with the inauguration. look, we've got to work together. obviously, it was a very confrontational speech that the president gave that i think would have been more appropriate if he feels that way at the state of union as opposed to an inaugural speech. i think you can lend credence to the belief that the president of the united states want to regain a majority in the house of representatives and in order to achieve that he has to split the republican party, particularly in the house and so i regret that i didn't hear one word from the president about it's time we all sat down and worked together and addressed these issues that are confronting the nation, but it is what it is. that means that we're in for a pretty rough couple of
to the republican think-tank on tuesday about the inauguration. he said obama wants to annihilate the republican party and boehner joked about having to calm down legendary college football coach lou holtz. >> about 9:30 i get this text, the country is overwith. we're not doing this again. i already had this conversation with lou about nine or ten days after the election. he came in to speak to our 34 new members. and before he went over to talk to them, he came to my office. he is moaning and groaning. i said, lou, would you stop? we're americans. we'll figure this out. and i just spent 15 minutes giving lou holtz a pep talk. >> and that's your morning dish of "scrambled politics." >>> and now for a look at the national weather, here is bill karins with the forecast. it's cold, right? >> lou holtz isn't happy all that's come out either. here's what we're dealing with out there this morning. snow has made its presence in the washington, d.c. area. we haven't had a lot over this winter period, especially think morning from washington, d.c., southward driving through virginia to fredericksburg, al
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and divided congress. president obama may hit a serious opposition from members of his own party. >> the will to change gun laws in the aftermath of the sandy hook massacre is beginning to meet political realities. paul vowed to nullify the 23 executive actions signed last week. diane fine stein plans to introduce a new assault weapon and extended magazine ban. >> leader reed says he intends to make guns one of the earliest things we consider on the floor. chairman lay sehey talked about having hearings right away. i think you will see action quickly. >> there are 20 democratic senate seats up for grabs in 2014 including in the gun friendly states of arkansas, alaska, louisiana, ohio, new hampshire and south dakota. after the assault weapons ban passed in 94 democrats lost control of the house all of which suggest compromise may be in the works. >> we don't expect all of it to pass in its current form. there are elements that are absolutely critical. >> this is a moment we can do something about mental health about information sharing maybe about background checks and other thing
the latino vote because mitt romney talked about self deportation and the party of blocked immigration reform. and the african american vote was going to go to president obama. but they jammed it way up with their voter suppression effort. they've got to think more about fundamentals and not just organization. >> and, melissa, will you look at the american people, 68% say it's unacceptable to cut medicaid. 66% disapprove of the gop's negotiation over tax. what they are selling, the american people are not buying. they're in denial. they're acting -- in fact, they're saying that what we have is fundamental principles are right. we're just presenting it wrong. it's not the content they're saying it's the package. no, it's the content. >> you know where this is going to get really real for people on the ground? are these republican governors who are going to continue to try to block president obama's affordable care act that is going to now finally start taking effect on the legislative term. now what we're going to see is in states that are allowing the health care changes, that are doing the k
, -- american history, we are at a tipping point. the democratic party -- it did not begin with obama, he has just accelerated a trend that was well-established, the party of creating a larger and larger states, more and more benefit, sucking more and more out of the private sector to create a larger public sector. so, the undesirable job of republicans was to say, i am here to take away your goodies because it is not good for you and it will bankrupt everybody. it is awfully hard to deliver that message in a positive way. the only positive way you can deliver it is to talk about growth, because we have seen the effects of growth under reagan and what that does. you can make the -- and under clinton, too, to be fair. for a variety reasons, mostly to do with the republican house. with growth, you can make your deficits a little bit more manageable. it is not easy to be the messenger who says, we promised too much, we cannot afford it, we are out of money, we are going to go bankrupt. somebody has to deliver that message or we are going over the real life. not the fiscal cliff writ >> it is def
w. bush to unite his party sometimes, but even unite independents, and what did obama not want? that same issue, and that's why he wanted hillary clinton in his cabinet, in his white house, so he didn't have that. it kept the party united. that's what he was thanking her for more than anything else, which was sort of thank you for keeping the party united and not going to senate, which would have been, you know, think about every moment in the obama first term and what life would have been like for him with a senator hillary clinton. >> and what about the -- the reaction to this whole drama, 2016, jose, already. i know it's way too soon, and we all vowed we wendt do it, but seeing the two of them together, that does get people talking. >> you know, andrea, i'm so sorry. i'm having a real problem listening to you. not that i don't want to listen to you and to our friends here tonight. i just cannot understand -- i'm having a problem with audio. >> with audio. we are so sorry. >>. >> a good 2016 answer, actually. i think that's a perfect answer. >> can i say one thing that i thou
a vigil, it's more of a party. there are a lot of people in that room who paid a lot of money for this inauguration and prior to tonight to get barack obama re-elected. to get a flavor of what's going on in the room these are individual and corporate donors. to get tickets to this event if you were an individual if you wanted the washington package in addition to a couple seats to the parade or other items you had to donate 250,000 dollars if you were a corporation you had to donate a million. the packages went on down from there. four years ago he set a cap of 50,000 dollars on individual contributions and refused to accept any money from unions or corporations or lobbyists. they also capped any donations to 300,000 per donors. this time around they had a bit more of a cash crunch. in december he announced he would take unlimited contributions from individuals and corporations. unlike 4 years ago they would not be disclosing all of the information on the donors just names as opposed to all of the details. >> the total number is about 40 million they raised this time. that inc
@wbaltv.com. >> president obama took the official oath of office in a private ceremony at the white house yesterday. >> a parade down pennsylvania avenue. the parties have already started. >> there are four and days of events to celebrate president obama's second term as president. we're at national harbor in the middle of it. it is one big party. this is one of the big tickets -- the maryland inaugural ball. it is one of six dozen different balls and galas to celebrate the 57th presidential inauguration. for many, attending a ball is an important tradition. >> we come near to of a good time. >> i followed the protocol of black tie. >> you eat before you come. then you can party all night and have fun. >> we found larry brown in front of the ravens game. a towering custom cake from charm city takcakes. >> i'm all dressed up. >> hundreds of marylanders dressed up and having a ball. >> america for a common purpose and a common good. that is something to celebrate. >> we have george washington to thank. he celebrated taking his oath of office doing the minuet. kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news. >> 5:27. 30
of concerned mothers. >> this is a program that barack obama called for. he realizes that their members of both parties with no interest in seeing gun-control pass through congress. >> his secretary was not helped -- was on hand to reassure this crowd. >> this is about gun responsibility and gun safety. >> the legislation proposed this week does nothing about the estimated 3 million assault weapons currently own in the u.s.. he does realize that even the current proposals, calling for background checks and limiting the number of guns bought in the future might not pass congress. the pro-gun wrought -- pro-gun lobby boasts 4 million members and is likely to take a larger club to the side in which there will be heard. >> the u.s. justice department sentencing web site is back up after briefly been hijacked by hackers. the attack was said to be a response to the suicide of a hacker charged with computer fraud. it is 40 years since an agreement was signed in the vietnam war. 1.5 million people died in the conflict and it has taken decades to amend the diplomatic ties. rosalynn jefferies has more on
the republicans and the tea party really knocked barack obama for a loop and took control of the house. and then everything that happened after that. the tax cut deal, the big fights over the budget and the debt ceiling and deficit reduction, also the bin laden raid and what happened in egypt and libya. and so i'm looking at how obama made the decisions he made and took, why he took the actions he took in that very perilous time politically, but i also explain how this is all done in a way to set up the 2012 campaign that we just went through. he had a theory after he took that big hit in 2010, he had a theory that he could make the 2012 race a choice not just between him and mitt romney, but a choice between different ideologies, different approaches to government, between different sets of visions and values. and everything he did in that time frame he kept trying to tether to this big idea he had about a choice. and when i wrote the book, of course, we can't know how things would end up on november 6, 2012. but, um, i looked at how he developed his governing strategy and his elector
in about six hours from now. zoraida. >> all right. thank you very much, john. president obama better get all of his partying done tonight. his second term is in full effect already and that means the potential for great achievements, but if history is any indicator, the second term is where things can get messy. it's not like he wasn't warned. >> i'm more than familiar with the literature about presidential overreach in second terms. >> president barack obama's victory dance is about to become a dance against destiny. >> if we look back, some really great examples of really big things being done in second terms. but recent history, there is the potential for real disaster. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> according to polls by the gallop organization, second term presidents often end up with second-rate approval numbers. just ask trent duffy, former president secretary to president george w. bush. >> major combat operations in iraq have ended. >> a president's approval ratings who dropped 25%. >> if poll numbers drop down below 50, you will see the white house press
into a group of trees. >> president obama to the official oath of office and a private ceremony sunday morning. >> a parade down pennsylvania avenue. kate amara shows us the parties have already started. >> there are four days of events to celebrate president obama's second term as president. we're at national harbor in the middle of it. in the nation's capital, it is one big party. this is one of the big tickets -- the maryland inaugural ball. sponsored by maryland's democratic party, it is one of six dozen different balls and galas to celebrate the 57th presidential inauguration. for many, attending a ball is an important tradition. and says some advice for the rookies. >> we come here to have a good time. >> i followed the protocol of black tie. and elegance party dress. >> you eat before you come. then you can party all night and have fun. >> we found larry brown in front of the ravens game. the other star of this show -- a towering custom cake from charm city cakes. everybody getting a picture with it. >> i'm all dressed up. why not? >> hundreds of marylanders dressed up and having a ball
and squeezed into the mall. there will be fewer today. here on the steps of the capital president obama will address the crowd. a timeless ceremony with contemporary touches. the national anthem will be sung by beyonce. this year's prime for a party and several hundred thousand people from across the united states have traveled here to be a part of it. the inauguration is a celebration of american democracy. a moment for their president to inspire, unite, and speak to his foes and fans. >> president obama leads a politically divided nation. the issues that he will tackle are contentious. today will be an extravagant party, but tough battles lie ahead. >> let's go to my colleague, who is in among the crowd, where hundreds of thousands of gathered to listen to the president. >> as you can see, dawn is breaking and there are literally hundreds of cameras arranged behind me, here to record this second historic inauguration of barack obama. hundreds of thousands of people flocking in. but amongst those who will be here today, thank you so much for coming. tell me, what made you want to be he
party. the news media understands this. the left news media. president obama's goal is to fundamentally remake the nation. what that requires is not by partisanship. completely destroying his opposition to bully tactics by calling as racist, biggest, sexist, homophobic. that is with this news media, how could you possibly call that a bipartisan speech. you have to be so on the kool-aid. they're running of kool-aid. it seems and conservative. coming up tomorrow -- lou: by the way, we recommend the offer highly. be sure to go out and take a look. author of police. appear tomorrow, author, former federal prosecutor, forensic psychologist , fox news contributor psychiatrist dr. keith and i blow. ubs chief in business strategist among our guests. links to our facebook page, twitter, send us an e-mail. again, facebook, twitter, and e-mail. we love hearing from you. but coming right back. [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters? at legalzoom, we've created a better place to handle your legal needs. maybe you have questions about incorporating a business you'd like to start. or q
the president at his own party. we will tell you what he said. does president obama want to shed the divider and chief monicker over the next four years? the left tbilisi wants to? ben shapiro joins us next. ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken. ♪ to help you not just to stay alive... but feel alive. the new c class is no exception. it's a mercedes-benz through and through. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. lou: confirming three americans were killed. the hostage crisis in algeria. the natural gas plant. several americans made it out safely. the algerian officials now say the 4-day siege ended with 38 hostages and 29 terrorist dead. five foreign workers remain unaccounted for. three terrorists are in house. custody. turning back to inaugural day, martin luther king day. played out his true agenda does trying the founding principles of this nation of limited government to meet what he called his leftist needs. joining us now, ben shapiro, editor of breitbart news, author
victory for obama, that's the future of the democratic party and future of america. if the republican party wants to succeed again at the national level, they will have to make inroads to the groups. and here's president obama saying not only did i campaign on these groups but now it's time for me to deliver on these groups. and if they don't meet that challenge -- begin to meet that challenge in some way, all of these groups could be lost to them permanently. >> now, last night on the show, i talked about how there was good reviews, but i didn't think it would last. and before i could get out of the studio, they started -- the republicans -- taking shots. let me show you where respective paul ryan responded to the president's takers comment at the inaugural address. >> no one is suggesting that our earned entitlements like payroll taxes for medicare and social security are putting u yo in a taker category. when the president does kind of a switcheroo like that, what he's trying to do is we are maligning these programs. so it's kind of a convenient twist of terms to try and shadow box
. the tradition dates back to president george washington. tonight, the obamas and the bidens will attend another party. the staff inaugural ball. which will be held at the convention center in washington. inauguration balls last night features a star-studded cast with plenty of glitz and glamour. >> [music] jennifer hudson had the honor of singing for the president and first lady's first dance of the night. mister and mrs. obama danced at the commander in chief's ball, to al green's "let's stay together." alicia keys also performed, and changed her hit song, "girl on fire" to "obama's on fire." actor jamie foxx sang "i can't stop loving you" by ray charles as vice president biden and his wife shared their first dance. tense moments on icy lake michigan this morning. as rescue crews tried to reach a dog that was stranded on the ice for hours. drivers first spotted the black dog along south lake shore drive in jackson park harbor and called 9-1-1. police, firefighters and animal rescue crews all showed up. the dog apparently walked out on the frozen lake. rescuers feared the dog would fall in thro
in the face of tremendous obstacles. that is why she is the chair our party needs as we begin president obama's second term. she'll be instrumental in the push for immigration reform, clean, renewable energy, reducing gun violence, and building an economy that lasts -- get this -- from the middle out. for all these reasons and many more, if gives me great pleasure to second the nomination of congresswoman wasserman-schulz to serve a second term at the helm of the democratic national committee. >> thank you, thank you. [applause] >> the chair now recognizes illinois dnc member and the chair of the dnc hispanic caucus, iris martinez. by the way, i'm not trying to hog the stage. if you want to come up here, you're welcome. >> i'm other right here. >> okay. >> good afternoon, everyone. i'm honored. i'm state senator iris martinez, coming from the great state that gave you the most marvelous president, barack obama. [applause] i am also proud to join my fellow democrats in nominating the congresswoman for the chair of the democratic national committee. while my home is illinois, florida is very cl
for staying with us for this hour. they are actually still dancing in washington, d.c. the party for president obama's second inauguration is still on. after a day of speeches yesterday and poetry and a parade and three separate presidential dances with the first lady at two different inaugural balls serenaded by jennifer hudson, hey, there she is again. after all of that, the obamas it turned out kept dancing. they danced until 3:00 a.m. at the white house. a big separate party with a bunch of friends. try to imagine george bush and usher in a gangnam style dance-off. try. i cannot quite get there in my mind. maybe it happened. then today the president and mrs. obama surprised, greeted visitors at the white house. not dignitaries, but visitor visitors, people who were on the tour of the white house who got an unexpected chance while they were there not just to see the white house itself, but to shake hands with the people who live this, with the president and the first lady. hey, surprise, your tour includes us. if you watch all the footage of this, actually, you can see that people also got
that gave barack obama the win. one party member says forget that. they will recover. >> we got some cleaning up to do and making up to do and stretching out to do to bring some people in. >> today could be a start. >> the leaders say the likely republican party plan will be to emphasize a low-growth tax program from washington i'm steve handlesman wbal-tv 11 news. >> purple fever is still taking over baltimore. coming up, how the team's winning season is helping boost the self-esteem of some cancer patients. >> some of this moon is trying to burn through the clouds. you can see hints of it, but we also have snow flurries as well. we'll talk about that and a warming trend all coming up >> give me a little summary of this storm as far as the radar is concerned, and the satellite imagery. hear we see the storm going overhead, moving out of the area by 8:00 in the evening and then this little second impulse coming across right now. that second impulse is currently producing some flurries across the area. this second one is not going to produce any kind of accumulation. it's the first on
or two things, three things, that you would recommend to the republican party and how to react to obama and how to renew their appeal and make their case for the public, what would those couple things be? >> number one, suicide is not a good option. suicide will charge the light brigade into the fiscal cliff or other places. if i can mix eight metaphors. it is simply stupid. the record here is fairly clear. sometimes, you don't hold the cards. we hold one half of one-third of the government. and the idea that you can suffer from one house of the government is simply an illusion. you can make strategic the small advances. but i would say, given the ambitions of the obama presidency, as you heard in the second inaugural, blocking is a virtue onto itself and it would be an achievement unto itself. but if you think you can use the fiscal cliff, which would of been a tax hike on all americans, the largest in u.s. history, or if you can use the debt ceiling, which you can, in the end, pull the trigger on -- which you cannot, in the end, fully drawn. it would be catastrophic. it means to have
inauguration 2013. obama spoke. sasha yawned. beyonce sang, boehner went wept, and we were able to see what an inauguration party looked like. last saturday was gun appreciation day lead to go five accidental shootings nationwide. next saturday it's running with scissors appreciate day. today is the birthday of attorney general eric holder, j master j and 36 years ago my friends president jimmy carter pardoned the vietnam war draft evaders. and george w bush, dick cheney and mitt romney didn't show up. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> john: good evening, i'm john fugelsang. this is "viewpoint." thank you for spending your martin luther king jr. holiday with us. president obama marked his second inauguration at president with a speech that was less lofty and a lot of more lefty than his first time around. after taking the oath of office from chief justice john roberts mr. obama outlined a wish-list of progressive policies and programs for the next four years and called for collective action to put them in practice. >> obama: now more than ever we must do these things together as one nation and one
of folks at home saying mr. obama is throwing himself a big party while they are still struggling financially. they will address the intractable gridlock in this town. >> he will make that point very strongly that people here in washington need to see common ground. he will talk about the american people they are not engaging these debates in washington progress and change won't happen. >> aids say while we can expect more broadly on battles to come such as gun control and immigration reform this won't be the detailed policy speech we will get with the state of the union next month. >> james, i wonder if the president runs the risk of sounding too much like he has. he has given a lot of speeches. >> that is definitely a risk. some republican speech writers of white houses past have made that exact point harris saying current conditions could lead the president to repeat himself in 2009. economy remains sluggish healthcare remains too costly, et cetera. one historian interviewed the president from rolling stones magazines says mr. obama needs to revise faith in the american dream.
't think it's a tea party necessarily that president obama or anyone who wants to get something done needs to worry about. i actually think that the problem is more on the left. they are going to want more than they are going to be able to get. the opportunity right now would be to call senator marco rubio in florida. if you look at their two proposals, they are not that far apart. if you wanted to solve this problem for the purpose of economic growth, more border security and to do what president obama wants, which i don't think is not -- he is not the only one who wants to provide to provide assurance younger people by parents if they were brought here illegally. i think if they were to bring in marco rubio they would get something nonpartisan done. other aren't that budget, i don't think there is a lot through this congress. they haven't passed a new budget in four years. a lot of new faces in washington as well especially on the senate side. >> shepard: sure. the polls suggest that the american people have moved a lot on gun control, at least since the tragedy at newtown. i'm wondering
party, and a strong supporter of president barack obama. she worked tirelessly to reelect the president, and was a fierce advocate for our core democratic principles. she is committed to ensuring women represented in our party, and the leadership of our country. and the democratic party is stronger because of her efforts. she is not only a role model for our sisters, our daughters and granddaughters, but she is my personal hero on many, many levels. for all these reasons i proudly nominating congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz to continue serving as the chair of the democratic national committee. [applause] >> i would also like you now to turn your attention to the screen, because there's a short video. spent we did know hollywood could get so quickly here in washington, d.c. we have an excellent video. it's now on the list for best picture. [laughter] but i would hope if you just give us a few minutes of your time to see this wonderful and remarkable video, that we have made in honor of a phenomenal woman, our chairwoman, debbie wasserman schultz. dim the lights and grab a hanky whi
of the party. here's what he writes. obama is arguing that misfortune can strike americans in all forms. a sdabt, a storm, illness, or merely outliving our savings. ryan's budget imposes savage cuts to food stamps, children's health insurance, and other mitigations of suffering for the least fortunate. and ryan also voted against relief for victims of hurricane sandy. by ryan's definition, if the government is rebuilding your destroyed home, you're a taker too. >> look, this is a straw man argument. the president said earlier that we had suspicions about medicare and taking care of the elderly and feeding poor children. when he sets up these straw men, to affix views to add ver sears that they don't have, to win the argument by default, it's not an honest debate. we want to have a safety net. a safety net that's there for the vulnerable, poor, for people who cannot help themselves. but we don't want to have a culture in this country that encouraging more dependency that saps and drains people of their ability to make the most of their lives. >> which part of the culture today is doing t
corker do republicans want to gut social security and medicare? does president obama want to destroy the republican party? >> obviously republicans want to make sure the entitlement programs are here for future generations. right now for every dollar we spend on young people we are spending four dollars on seniors. right now in medicare the average person pays for one third of the cost of the medicare program. now, dick durbin for what it is worth has been one of those people willing sit down and solve that problem and i congratulate him on that. as far as the president's goal of annihilating the republican party. i will say that i was glad to see that the house was unified behind something recently as it relates to the fiscal issues and i think that is a backstop to that. the fact is the one thing the president didn't mention in his speech was the major fiscal issue that our nation faces. it was everything but that and to me that was disheartening. it is the one issue that before anything else we need to put in the rear view mirror to make our country stronger. >> chris: senator dur
president obama's inauguration house speaker john boehner gave a speech at a private g-o-p luncheon and had a warning for fellow republicans. >> attempt to annihilate the republican party. boehner went on to say he believed the obama administration's goal is to regain control of the house during mid-term elections. the speech was given at a private luncheon sponsored by the ripon society and was closed to reporters. boehner said president obama's inaugural address made it clear his visions for a second term can't be achieved. as long as the house is controlled by republicans. one day after president obama's inauguration house speaker john boehner gave a speech at a private g-o-p luncheon and had a warning for fellow republicans. boehner went on to say he believed the obama administration's goal is to regain control of the house during mid-term elections. the speech was given at a private luncheon sponsored by the ripon society and was closed to reporters. boehner said president obama's inaugural address made it clear his visions for a second term can't be achieved. as long as the house is
president obama wants to annihilate republic republican -- the republican party. even for boehner, that's a low point. plus, the right wing freak out over the president's inaugural address. america's changed. republicans haven't. also, hillary clinton, joe biden and what everybody is saying about them in 2016. it's a big show tonight. so stay with us. ♪ >>> have you joined the politics nation conversation on facebook yet? we hope you will. believe it or not, everyone was speculating about 2016 today. will it be hillary clinton against joe biden? phil says it would be interesting to see who obama endorsed? it certainly would. the letter says obama runs the people in the country like our president. casey says it's time for a woman to run the show. sorry, joe, i'm for hillary. we've got more on the possible sweet 16 match-upcoming up later in the show. but, first, we want to hear your opinion. please head over to facebook and search politics nation and like us to join the conversation that keeps going long after the show ends. [ bop ] [ bop ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8
the gop, the guns over the people party, keep saying crazy things about president obama's modest gun safety proposals? the president's trying to do the reasonable thing yet the people on the nra right are going nuts over this. they're armying up for the final struggle against the government, the elected government. this is "hardball," the place for politics. >>> well, the right wing hawks are on thin ice after this >>> well, the right wing hawks are on thin ice after this tuesday's election in israel. benjamin netanyahu's party was expected to win big. but the big surprise was the rise of the new center. the center left party which means there is a future. right now will control 60 seats. and his rivals on the center left and left will have 60 as well. and that could force netanyahu to make peace overtures or possibly lose his job. we'll be right back. >>> for now decisions are upon us and we cannot afford delay. we cannot mistake absolutism for principle or substitute spectacle for politics or treat name calling as reasoned debate. >> welcome back to "hardball." those lines in the p
followed since the beginning, potential interested parties and the stock itself has been soaring up almost 30% this month. back to you. dennis: president obama laying out a liberal vision in his inaugural address including a push for alternative energy. president obama: we cannot concede to other nations the technology to empower new jobs and new industry, we must claim its promise. dennis: our next guest says there's no way republican house will go along with any of that. chief political strategist research group sees more gridlock ahead. greg valliere, thanks for being with us. i just read a good line you wrote. let's start there. >> i am not an obama basher but thought it was exceptionally partisan speech, sounded like a campaign speech and hubristic in a sense overreaching. climate change, wide range of issues i think we'll have a very hard time making through congress. dennis: do you think we're headed toward that unwanted sequester in part because of the gridlock that you see is emerging here? >> yes, we do. we begin the month of march with a sharp sequester on domestic spending. it
spent the day trying to find out. >> reporter: after the obamas left the big inaugural ball, they returned to the white house for a star-studded after hours party. celebrities posted photos well after midnight. but today, it's back to reality. president obama's inaugural speech outlined a boldly liberal vision that congressional republicans declared dead on arrival. >> unabashedly far left of center inauguration speech. obviously, it's not designed to bring us together. >> reporter: now that the inauguration is over, what is the president actually going to do? he dedicated more of the speech to climate change than any other one issue. >> we will respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations. >> reporter: that came as a surprise. during the campaign, the president spent more time touting the very fossil fuels that contribute to global warming. >> too much oil. that's a good problem to have. >> reporter: we tried to press the white house today on what the president's going to do now that he has made
that barack obama has been, not only for the country, but for the democratic party. johnathan's point, joe biden was an early rival, who he said very inopportune statements about him. he is super excited if he is confirmed to take on this role. it is a different kind of democratic leadership. people who follow the democratic party on its ups and many downs remember how many other rivals and nominees have been left on the side of the road. and left, really to be seen as somehow an embarrassment, even if they stood for good things, al gore for many years, michael dukakis, and it goes to barack obama's strength, taking people, building them back up. it is good not only for the party but for the country. >> we're going to take a break, every president, their first presidential decision actually happens before they're elected. that is their choice of vice presidential running mate. when i saw what was to become president obama make that decision, knowing joe biden, i was so impressed by the quality of that decision. we have to take a break, we'll talk more on the dancing, there is an evolution,
% of the money went to barack obama. mark zuckerberg coming out for the republican party seems to be a significant event, a tipping point. >> and it's not just money. the bay area, silicon valley hosts to all these great tech companies. obama won that area by 49 points in 2012. chris christie making inroads in that community is huge. there is a lot of cash there, but there's also a tech talent gap that republicans have suffered from. the campaigns, when they're staffing up, they don't have access, all the time, to a lot of the most talented tech people, because they're all so liberal. but if chris christie can use his relationship with mark zuckerberg to ingratiate himself, that could help. >> he needs the obama apps. joe, you work for bill clinton, you know hillary clinton well, you worked with mark zuckerberg, so christie versus hillary, what's your take on who might be better in 2016? >> well, i obviously think that hillary is. i think if you look at just the politics of this, you know, chris christie is a conservative republican, in the state of new jersey. it's, you know,
.com. search gallaudet. >>> bipartisan agreement today about immigration reform. leaders of both parties saying they're optimistic about overhauling the system this year. president obama is scheduled to unveil his immigration plan on tuesday in nevada. former vice presidential candidate and wisconsin congressman paul ryan says lawmakers will be watching. on "meet the press" today ryan said he's cautiously optimistic about passing immigration reform this year. >> i think there's a balance between respecting the rule of law and adhering to the reality of the day, and i think marco rubio probably touched on it. i support and agree with the principles he laid out about earned legalization. >> he also talked about budget and deficit issue this is morning. he believes the sequester that was postponed will go into effect when the deal expires in march. >>> a busy week ahead on capitol hill. on monday the senate will vote on the $50 billion sandy aid bill, and then on tuesday a committee could vote to confirm senator john kerry as secretary of state setting up a full senate vote in early february. wedn
divide? i do not see any future of obama trying to get with the other party. he wants to heckle them, probe them like you would a mad cow or lion. host: is it more partisan than it has been in the past? guest: what is different is how it feels. you cannot escape it. the nature of cable tv, which is enormously significant disproportionate to its audience in studying the tone for the debate. talk radio, the internet. these are all means of communication that saturate and reinforce and exaggerate our differences. it is all about conflict. i think that as much as everything else contributes to the sense that people have that we are more divided than we have ever been before. george washington and john adams, a mob gathered outside washington's homa, denouncing his neutrality. host: we're looking at the veterans affairs secretary. the military, department of defense playing a big role in tomorrow's ceremony. guest: dwight eisenhower took very personally nixon's defeat. he said he knew how the condemned man felt, watching the scaffolding being built. host: people are talking about vice pre
for the party we lost. let's talk first about barack obama. what did you see in him the second time. i was not surprised by the first, but i was surprised by the second. you have been critical saying he needed to narrow his focus. what did you see in him the second time. >> nothing wrong with being critical and also supporting. what i saw in the second opportunity to be president of the united states is we had seen progress in the four years he had been president. the financial system was stabilized and the economy is picking up again. we are out of iraq and coming out of afghanistan. he handled terrorism quite well. i saw a guy getting the job done and deserving of a second term. the first term doesn't have the historic significance but there is a warm feeling about bringing a black man into the white house. he has done the job. has he done everything correctly or perfectly? no. i talk to him on a regular basis and we have a condit conversation. why did the republicans lose? as i tried to indicate it's not those of us who are being critical of them but for them to say
. the change was officially announced today. does president obama really want to annihilate the republican party in "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: disgusting. >> dana: you're disgusting. >> greg: that is a sick song. >> dana: can i do my segment? we're going to talk about you. soda ban about to go in effect in new york city but has new opposition that used to be for it. they were for it before they were against it. we'll tell you about that in a second. start with this. a new study done by daniel callahan, a senior research fellow at the hastings center. he put out a paper this week. see how skinny he is. he thinks it's maybe time to start shaming people who are overweight, obese, fat. that is the only way to get people to take care of themselves and prevent diss caused by obesity. now greg, do you have any experience you want to share? >> greg: all bioethicists are jerks. they usually talk about euthanasia. this guy is talking about bullying fat people. if you replaced obesity with p
. everybody's worried about europe. l ludnick's worried about the u.s. >> the republican party who was elected to control the congress the same time as obama was elected are going to cross their arms and they are not going to raise the debt ceiling ultimately unless they get severe spending cuts and the obama administration is not going to give it to them. you're going to watch the u.s. do crazy, crazy things this year. >> he was pretty clear. he called it crazy. i talked to eric cantor earlier, the republican majority leader. he sort of said we're ready to deal and compromise, but people are very worried about what the u.s. could do. >> oh, and this latest decision to just kick the can, i hate to use the cliche, further down the road, axel neighbor is a former central banker in europe, also the head of ubs and he was absolutely in no doubt that what we are seeing in the u.s. in the political and economic process is dangerous. >> if you have the debt ceiling, the europeans will talk about how you can make that binding. in the u.s., the concern is much more whether you can lift it in time in or
to believe that he's thinking more of a political conquest than a political compromise. >> pity party. table for one, please. the gop is stuck on this one. the president obamas trying to destroy the gop. trying to shove them into the dust pan of history. here's a hint. president obama doesn't need to do that. republicans are doing it just fine all by themselves. for all their bluster about change, gop leaders insist on no overall at all is needed. one gop official everyone says "we don't need a new pair of shoes, we just need to shine our shoes. shine their shoes? that's not goods enough. republicans need to try walking in someone else's shoes for a change. because for all of their talk about out reach to women, the rnc just approved a resolution. calling on congress to defunct planned parenthood with no objections. and while support for women's rights to choose is at an all-time high. here's what speaker boehner says is his fundamental goal. >> with all the mistakes, it's becoming more and more important for us to share the truth with our young people and encourage them to lock arms, speak
-- mitt romney got 27% voters and president obama 77%. the folks in the republican party will say they need to work on this issue moving forward. craig? >> kristen welker, thank you. >> thanks. >> good saturday afternoon to you sir in. >> thank you, craig, thank you for having me. >> how hopeful are you this time that washington gets a comprehensive immigration bill done? >> well, i'm very hopeful. i think there's a lot of momentum as has been mentioned by both the republican and the democratic parties, talking about this issue seriously, seeming to negotiate on it in earnest and so, i think we will get it done in 2013. >> house speaker john boehner said the deal is practically done. is that what you hear? >> i know there's been serious negotiation on our side in the house and in the senate. and usually it's tough to get to that point, so the fact that we have gotten there is a good sign. >> the path to citizenship seems to be the sticking point for a lot of lawmakers stil lawmaker. if there's a path to citizenship does there have to be a penalty for the 11 million or so folks th
to say why are we lose something. >> barack obama endorsing him, we have to make our party better by criticizing our party. i think self reflection is in order and you do too. >> you lost a battle. you sit down sand say this is interesting. lots of favorable reaction from the republicans. reluctant to speak out from the tea party in 2014 or 2016. things have to change. when you lose by popular vote and electoral vote and you see that 73 percent per of asian-americans and hispanic americans and 94% of african-americans voted for the president and not the party, you have to ask yourself we have to do something about immigration or tone down some of the things we have been doing and should we have gone after reducing the turn out of voters in places where we thought it would make a difference. the republican party should say we want everybody to vote and make it easier to vote and give them a reason to vote and not find ways to keep them from voting at all. >> what do we do to get voters like you. people who identified with the republican party. i can tell you, every speech i give, i
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